CASMATI Village is International Well-Being Retreat Centre that promotes deep connection with nature and animals, self-sustainable eco solutions, related arts&crafts, all incorporated to tailored counselling well-ness programs for visitors.

We aim to inspire others to live their life full of joy, compassion and love.

We would like to inspire you to make changes in your life. Find the answers, learn new ways and get more practical tools, go smoothly through transitions in life.

CASMATI Village is surrounded by beautiful forest of Country Park 68km east from Warsaw, nurtured by nature energy , with river and lakes. Lots of wild animals ,deers, elks, birds. it’s the place to connect to our original power and passion. Through tailored meditation back-to-our-true-nature experiences, and wellness programmes both one-to-one and  workshops  . youwill rediscover life on different level, feel reborn and reset , get a clean mind and peaceful heart….  

People come to us for various reasons. It is an adventurous place for people who want to breakthrough old habits or incubate their dreams to reality.  

With meditation and mindful awareness, we can connect to our inner strength and take control of our life.

“ When you are ready, you can create whatever you want in your life!”

Our mission is to inspire powerful beings to see who we really are, remember and rediscover endless possibilities in life. Start recreate our world the way we wish.

We wish to gather good heart people to create a positive, loving life and with lots of positive energy. We would like to support our guests to fulfill their need for direct contact with animals, plants and rural environment,

We invite and will facilitate them for their transformational experience and journey that will give you a doorway to see your life on the whole new aspects and possibilities , achieving peacefulness and fearlessness.

We offer

We offer intensive retreats for different needs, one day, weekend, ten-day and a month retreats. For individuals, couples , family,  teenages, for women,  for men, retirement new start, rehab from illiness.

Matt, experienced psychologist, will have a chat with you after your entrance, about the changes you would like to make.

Among unlimited areas for growth, these are one of the options:

Choose your Path:

Mindfulness and Spirituality Meditation; Energy; Work towards enlightment; Shamanic journey
Personal Growth and Life Transitions Life goals, motivations, breaking old habits
Mental Well-Being Relationships, stress & anxiety, addictive behaviours and substances, old burdens and traumas, happiness
Nature and Animal Communication  nature self-healing, animal communication
Art & Craft Primitive clay work, bread making, herbs

Our Facilities:

We have a stone house, a wood house and will build a stunning primitive cob clay house.

We have organic farm growing super food with good energy and medical benefits. We have free range happy chicken family providing fresh beautiful eggs everyday. There’s a Shiba Inu GumGut, a hunting dog Nana and their best friend Gustav a beautiful baby deer. And a creepy friend We have a natural heating salt underground sauna tipi. Tree nest house. You can make sculpture or clay art at your own time. You can do meditation in the individual tree houses. There’s an outdoor bath pool we can see stars at night in hot water 🙂 , there’s a fire place having great sunset view. Workshops will be in a outdoor power place and a tipi common gathering place with lots of space. A clay oven we can make fresh pizza and bread everyday.  In walking distance there’s forest full of amazing plant trees, birds, deers and places to wonder around. Mushrooms are everywhere , we will have a special mushroom day to pick and eat our precious beautiful fairy tale food.   


Cass & Mati are a spiritual & caring Couple. They are passionate and joyful being living in harmony with nature

Cass Shing-Biegala.

I am a Photographer, Craft& Wall Painting Artist and a Shamanic Healer.

Matt Biegala

I am psychologist with many years of experience in counselling and training. I have worked in Asia for the last 6 years (1 year in Beijing, 5 in Hong kong). I use holistic approach with elements of mindfulness, positive psychology, animals &  nature. I am Certified in addiction counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, SMART Recovery Facilitation and Neuro-linguistic Programming.  My mission is to use my knowledge and skills to empower students and clients to live a happy and fulfilled life full of love, passion and gratitude. To go through life with dignity and in truth and be ready and do well in tough times.

I support other beings in various areas, especially:

  • relationships
  • addictions
  • stress, anxiety
  • transitions, motivation, life goals

See my website for more information:

Gum Gut

I was born in Taiwan, but grew up in Hong Kong. I am a good boy, like to be around humans and spend lots of time sunbathing, sleeping and helping my parents with their crazy ideas.  I help them to be healthy, walk a lot with me and I remind them every time they are on their computers for too long.

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