CASS Shaman Healing practice  

“We call have ability to heal ourselves emotionally, physically, mentally,spiritually. The best answer is always there when we look inside, connects to our roots, our mother nature, father sky.” Cass

Shaman practitioner can travel to non-ordinary reality , communicate and obtain information from the other energy realm, in order to bring soul & spiritual wholeness, mental & physical health.

Cass has been practicing shamanism for a year and she is very enthusiastic to share what she had learnt and experienced. She believes everyone can benefit from shaman ways to reconnect to nature and to our source of life.

“There’s a lot to work on in our spiritual path, we have many life times to resolve and to be more powerful. Once you start your spiritual journey you will feel the cascading love from the universe. It will give the best arrange arrangement for us which we usually see as  coincidences. Also will send us hints and message by trees & stones, sea & sky and all the living creatures around us.”

Energy Exchange:

1.Shamanic Drum Journey to ask question about yourself, about you life. (about what you need to know, what you need to do)

2. meet your power animal and spiritual teacher

3. Energy Painting for your personal needs

4. Animal communication

5. Reiki healing

I would like to share with you a poem came to my mind one day when i was meditating!  It’s about Who Am I :

I am Happiness, I am beautiful Love, I am Energy, I am Idea, I am Inspirations, I am Healer, I am Animal Communicator, I am Nature, I am Thankfulness to Universe.

I am Artist who make craft to bring Love, Joy & ideas. I make things people feel Love, I create things make life better.

I take great photos full of Joy and Life. Powerfully remind about simple happiness and Gratitude.

I am a painter, I paint to bring Light & Happiness.

I am a Drummer, i drum to find answers to waken lose soul and to fill up energy with self love.

I am Singer, I sing to start a brand new day, i sing to remind that we are creating our own adventure.

I am Dancer, i dance to celebrate our life from mother nature, our magic from father sky and our unlimited possibilities.

I am Communicator, I listen to plant & animal, stone & river, wind & sun. I transform their message to wisdom in life.

I am Healer, I heal with my intuition, love and power. I heal with my voice & my hands, through meditation, shamanic journey, dance, crafts, photos, poetry & songs.

I am Leader to the light. I am Helper for every soul. I am One with everyone, everything.

I am Fighter, I fight to waken inner fire. I am Warrior, i fight to protect pure good intensions. I fight to lift up all and to resolve connections. For the best interest of All.